Pure Earth Initiative

Earth and Venetian Colonies

Faction Traits :
Purist Doctrine/ Militant / Pursuit of Pure Bloodlines

Governance : The House of Elders 

Population Under Faction Control – 3B Earth, 1M Lunar Colony, 200k Venetian System

Quote :
“The Demons Rapture purged our planet from the scourge of Impurity. We shall not dilute and stain our human form with the abomination of machinery or replication”

New Eden Alliance

Mars and Asteroid Belt Mining Colonies

Governance : The Founders Counsel

Faction Traits : Isolationist / Engineering and Ecology / Use of Clone technology

Population Under Faction Control – 2m Mars, 129k Phobos, 52k Mining colonies. 64% Clone / 36% Human

“We will reclaim this ancient relic from the dust and ashes. We will reverse entropy itself, Mars will be alive once more.”   Cpt Matt Bennett – First words spoken on Mars 

Theta Corporation

Saturn Planetary System

Governance – The Nexus Hivemind

Faction Traits : Intellectual Transcendence, Exploration, Hybrid-Tech

Population Under Faction Control – 3m Human Symbiote, 1B Unique AI Cybernetic Lifeforms. Located on Titan’s Orbital Facility,

Quote :
“A billion minds, all connected, sharing knowledge, experiences. Collective fear, hopes and aspirations. We face them all together because inside the Nexus, no-one is alone.. “