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Important Demo Information

  • The Trials will be featuring in the Autumn Steam Festival from 7th – 13th October 2020
  • Get to Grips with The Singularity Trials Game Play in our brand new Training level!
  • Collect  Botcoins during game play and use them to purchase Weapons and Armour upgrades inside the Solar Exchange Network.
  • Please wish-list the game on Steam as that helps other VR players to find our game!
  • Please check out our Steam Leaderboard Competition Running throughout the festival period.
  • Winners will be announced on Twitter and contacted through Steam ID’s to be offered to claim the prize. 
Please Check out our Awesome Merchandise Range – We take minimal profits from our sales to ensure you guys receive the best prices.
  • Introducing the Solar Exchange Network – In Game Shop 
  • Purchase new Player Models !
  • New Armour and Weapon Upgrade System
  • Change camera views inside your headset, to record Gameplay footage in 3rd Person! without the need for expensive Mixed Reality Set Ups
  • Unlock additional weapons such as Grenades, Killing Discs and Defensive Shields.
  • Purchase Faction unique Weapons, Upgrade them for Insane Score Modifiers.
  • Take on Faction Bosses located on each Faction Home world!