Game Lore

Faction Timelines

The Singularity Trials and Altair Assault is set in a universe very similar to our own, The following timeline depicts a possible future that may yet come to pass..


2030 : First man to walk on Mars, paving the way for established human presence on Mars.

2031 : Global AI accord agreed by United nations restricting AI advancement and introduction of strict measures governing controls over autonomy.

2049 : Discovery of complex life in the icy moon of Enceledus, discovery made by New Eden Corporation.

2065 : Competing Corporations bid for Mars mining rights, New Eden Corporation mining colony established.

2065 – 2088 : Earth-Mars Transit system established transferring mining equipment and colonists on a 2 year cycle.

2072 : The Solar Web Project launched , connecting Mars and Earth onto a single Solar Network, allowing almost instantaneous communication between planetary bodies.

2080 – 2088 : Mars economic expansion floods Earth markets with resources that were previously finite, Effects are a prolonged depression and civil unrest across global civilisations, emergence of anti Martian rhetoric on social platforms and governmental policies.

2082 : Theta Corporation showcase their advancements in AI. Assisting the corporation in conducting deep space manned exploration of Solar system, in contravention of the United Nations AI accord.

2085 : Theta Corporation privately launches exploration fleet, becomes the furthest manned mission into deep space. Establishes deep space outpost & an orbital colony located in Saturn’s Planetary System.

2084 – 2088 : General purist movement sweeps through global civilisation governments. Adoption of Earth first policies and resolutions.

2088 : Earth-Mars Transit Atrocity – Colony and supply ship explodes mid transit to Mars. 943 Casualties marked the single largest loss of life in space in human history.

2088 : New Eden Corporation cease Transit operations.

2100 – 2115 : Long range scanning of Saturn’s Planetary system indicates Theta Corp have experienced a rapid enhancement in technology and technical capability, rapid colonisation & resource utilisation of Saturn System. The Singularity restricted to Theta Corp networks

2123 : Mars suffers from a global dust storm which devastates large areas of the colony which halts mining operations. Due to Earth-Mars transit system suspended indefinitely, Mars declares a global emergency citing the colony is on the verge of collapse.

2123 : New Eden scientists announce the first human clone on Mars. Clones are infertile and have been genetically programmed to fulfil certain predetermined roles within the colony.

2123 : Purist Earth governments respond with outrage at the news of the successful cloning on Martian Soil.

2160 : The Pure Earth Initiative emerges as a dominant Geo-political force, rendering the United Nations into the confines of History.

2190 : Earth is united in the condemnation of New Eden Corporations decision to abuse the human form , vowing to pursue the advancement of humanity through the pursuit of genetic purity.

2192 : Pure Earth Initiative Applies Sanctions to Theta Corporation, citing abuses of the AI Accord. Seizes earth based assets and gains access to Theta Corp archives to extract technology.

2200 – 2215 : Project Purity gains popular support and momentum, Pure Earth Initiative scientists introduce a program of genetic realignment. Genetic screening becomes commonplace at birth, flagging bloodlines that are not genetically pure of mutations or Neanderthal traits, basic human rights are stripped from impure bloodlines. Reports of concentration camps set up near spaceports which were used for the interplanetary transit system.

2220 : Mars population explodes to 700,000 , with clone population out numbering human population for the first time.

2250 : New Eden Corporation Scientists warn of unsafe levels of Clone Diversity and growing levels of infertility in New Eden human population.

The Demons Rapture

2250 – 2300 : Pure Earth Initiative Re-opens the Interplanetary Transit corridor, allowing the migration of genetically inferior humans to travel to Mars to seek out a new life.

2275 : Theta Corporation Launch an unknown probe towards Venus, reversing the planets ozone process causing rapid cooling in the atmosphere. Reveals Venetian surface from space for first time in history.

2276 : Strange monoliths of unknown origin are witnessed by scientists on the Venetian surface.

2301 : The Titan Atrocities

2302 : New Eden Corporation declares independence from projected rule from Earth, declaring an alliance between the human and clone populous of Mars, Phobos and the Asteroid belt mining colonies.. New Eden Alliance enters an extended period of isolationism.

2305 – 2335 : The Singularity War

In response to the Titan Atrocities, Theta Corporation attempts to release the Nexus mind onto the Solar Web, Solar Firewalls resist the initial attack.

Gradual degradation of the solar networks through persistent attacks, causes the Nexus mind to eventually break through and expand onto Earth web networks.

New Eden Alliance severs its connection to the Solar Web.

Pure Earth Initiative declares war on Theta Corporation.

The Nexus mind discovers the process of manipulating spacetime paving the way for a working prototype of the Spacetime Distortion Drive.

2335 : Theta Corporation Scout Ship becomes the first Solar object to enter another star system. Alpha Centauri.

2335 : In an unexpected turn of events. Theta Corporation offers up space time distortion technology to Pure Earth Initiative and New Eden Alliance. Citing the advancement of humankind over inter-faction differences.

2335 : Pure Earth Initiative agree to a ceasefire creating a temporary truce across the solar system from a war that has lasted 30 years.

2345 : Faction leaders convene the first Solar Counsel in the Neutral planetary system Jupiter, to discuss the creation of lasting memorial to remember the millions of souls who died during the 30 year war. The Singularity Trials is Born.

2350 : All factions develop and evolve Space time Distortion technology , their aims are to explore the Milky-way galaxy , expand their influence, amass resources and exert their dominance in the fragile balance of power in Sol System.

2369 : – Theta Symbiotes launch an exploration scout ship to the blue star Altair. Signal is lost..