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Altair Assault is a retro inspired space shootem up! but inside immersive Virtual Reality. Our aim from the beginning of development has been to re-create classic side scrolling space shooters we played growing up in the 80’s such as R-Type

The game is being developed using Unity and Modelling design using Blender3D. 

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Altair Assault is set in a theoretical future where the Sol Solar System is dominated by three factions.

Theta Corporation – Saturn Planetary System – (Player is a TSF-Commander on board the TSF-Alanqa)

New Eden Alliance – Mars and Asteroid Belt

Pure Earth Initiative – Old Earth & Venetian Colonies

If you wish to learn more about the games deep history, please click on the links below. We have worked hard on making a history that is Scientifically plausible, with a sprinkle of Sci-Fi!

Thank you for taking the time to check out our site and we welcome any feedback.