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Founded in the depths of Constellation Aquila, below is our Vegaware team and Business Partners.  


Name – John Hayes 

Roles Playing in this Story – C# Programming, Lore Writing, Game and Level design, media engagement, game score production, Father to 2 beautiful children!

First Console – Sega Megadrive

Favourite Games – Super R-Type,Streets of Rage, Beatsaber, Skyrim, Fallout, No Mans Sky.  

Favourite Game Character – Link

Software Used – Unity, Maya, Albeton Live, Visual Studio,

Describe yourself in 5 words – Obsessive creator , own worst critic.



Name – Matt Buckle

Roles Playing in this Story –  Animation, Modelling, Market Research, Game Progression

First Console – NES

Favourite Retro Games  – Street Fighter, Sonic, Mario Bros, Duck Hunt, Doom, Donkey Kong

Favourite Game Character – Cloud Strife (FFVII)

Software Used – Blender, Unity

Describe yourself in 5 words – Unique just like everyone else.

Business Partners


Name – T K I M U S E

Roles Playing in this Story – Music composition and development, Beat maker

First Console – Nintendo 64

Favourite Retro Games – Pokemon Stadium, 007 GoldenEye, SimCity 1989, Super Mario Bros. 3

Favourite Game Character – Master Chief

Software Used – Logic Pro X, Sibelius 7.5

Describe yourself in 5 words – Bit mad, makes sick tunes

Links –